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A bong, also known as a water pipe is a mid-sized filtration device used for smoking cannabis. Bongs are commonly made from glass, plastic, or ceramic. Bongs use water to filter the smoke before inhalation, this process cools the smooths and cools the smoke.


All bongs feature 3 parts, the mouthpiece, chamber, and the bowl. The mouthpiece is where your lips are pressed onto the bong. The chamber is where all the smoke sits after the cannabis has been burned. Lastly, the bowl, is where the cannabis is placed to be lit.


Bongs come in a variety of styles, including;


– Carburetor Bongs

– Straight-Tube Bongs

– Beaker-Shaped Bongs

– Round-Base Bongs

– Multi-Chamber Bongs

– Percolator Bongs


While all bongs use the same concept to work, different style bongs will vary in regards to functionality.



A bubbler, is a pipe with a small water chamber attached. This allows for the user to draw the smoke up through the water before inhalation. This process cools the smoke down.



Grinders are small, handheld devices used to grind cannabis buds. Cannabis buds are places in between two plates with teeth, and then rotated against each other until the bud has been grinded up. Sometimes grinders also have storage chambers built in, to hold the contents after grinding.


Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are small pipes, that offer convenience and portability due to their size. Hand pipes come in a variety of styles including spoon pipes and sherlock pipes. They are comprised of a bowl, chamber, carb, and mouthpiece. The bowl is where the cannabis is placed to be lit, the chamber is where the smoke accumulates, the carb is a small hole that allows for the chamber to clear, and the mouthpiece is where the user places their lips to inhale the smoke.



Papers, also known as rolling papers, are specialty papers made for rolling cannabis into a joint with the intention of inhalation. Rolling papers come in a variety of sizes, and fibers. Fibers may include hemp, wood pulp, rice, flax, or blends. Papers also have an adhesive strip, which holds the joint together after rolling. Papers come in a variety of sizes, colours, and flavours.



A rig, or “dab rig”, is a water pipe used to inhale cannabis extracts. It filters smoke through water, much like a bong. A rig can be used to consume rosin, and other non-solvent forms of hash.



Vapes, or vaporizers, are handheld devices used to heat cannabis without burning it. Vaporizers can be disposable, or rechargeable. These devices are widely used for their discretion, and portability. In addition, vaporizers have versatility. Depending on the device, users can consume dried flower, extracts, or liquids.

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